College Office

The College Office functions from 10:00 am to 5:45 pm, under the able guidance of the Bursar and the Superintendent. Bursar is in charge of the Financial proceedings of the college and controls the college office administration, while the Superintendent is in-charge of the non-teaching, technical and other staff members of the college.

S.No. Name of the Teaching staff Designation
1 Mr.P.K.Sampath BURSAR
2 Mrs.K.KarthigaiSelvi, B.A., SUPERINDENT
3 Mr.S.K. Gopinath, M.A(His).,M.A(Hin).,M.A(San)., ASSISTANT
5 Mrs.A.Gayathri, B.A.,B.Ed., TYPIST
6 Mr.K.Balaraman S.G., LAB ASSISTANT
7 Mr. A. Govindasami LAB ASSISTANT
8 Mr.T.Murugesan LAB ASSISTANT
9 Mr. M.Jayaprakash ASSISTANT
10 Mr. Arumugam Document Writer
11 Mr.M .Kumaresan Office Asst.
12 Mr.P. Captain Prabhakaran Office Asst.
13 Mr.M. Rooban chelladurai Sweeper.
14 Mr. C .GnanaPrakasam Sweeper
15 Mr . N.Suresh Marker